Thunderbird Contacts Export

Thunderbird Contacts Export

Transfer your Pocket PC contacts to the Mozilla email client


  • Simple to use
  • Organises contacts very well


  • Doesn't work with other email clients

Not bad

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best email clients you'll find and if you use the program on a regular basis then you'll want to put contact details for everyone you know into it.

If you're trying to grab this information from your Pocket PC then you could choose to sync your device to do so. However, another solution is to install Tunderbird Contacts Export onto your PPC, which makes it easier to organise your current contacts and add new ones.

The application is really easy to use. You simply need to define the file where you want to save all contacts and validate the operation.

After that, the program will go ahead and create a CSV file with all the data from your contacts.

If you use Thunderbird and have a Pocket PC then this program will help you share your contacts very quickly.

Thunderbird Contacts Export allows you to quickly export contacts from WM6 into a comma separated file (csv) for easy import into Mozilla Thunderbird 2.

Of course, syncing is another solution, but once you have the bulk of your contacts in Thunderbird it is easy to maintain current and add new contacts.

Thunderbird Contacts Export


Thunderbird Contacts Export

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